Welcome to CS Discoveries: Introduce yourself

Hello! My name is Amy and I am teaching 7th/8th grade CyberFoundations. My plan is to teach as many units as possible. So far, we have done Units 1-3. I loved teaching block/text coding in Unit 3. My students really found it interesting and fun.

Hello everyone!!!

I’m Núria from Spain. I teach robotics, programming and AI classes at the CEU San Pablo school to students between 13 and 15 years old, in addition to training teachers from all over Spain. I’m code.org facilitator.

In addition to Unit 3, I want to work on the ‘Creating Apps with Devices’ Unit in this course.

I love that micro:bit devices have been incorporated into their curriculum.
I hope my students like it. :heart:

Hello my name is Joandry Escalera. I teach grades 9-12. I will be teaching Unit 1 this semester. I am excited about web development (Unit 2).

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My name is Amber and I currently teach Math and Science/STEM to 3rd graders. After 20+ years teaching younger students, I am hoping to branch out soon to see what older students can teach me. I’m not sure what unit(s) I plan to teach for sure but know that problem solving will be included. I love Code.Org for my younger students (and THEY love it!). I can’t wait to explore and learn with older students, too.

Hi my name is Alec, I am a newly qualifying teacher. Code.org is a brilliant resource I cannot wait to use with my students.

My name is Lindsey and I teach 7th grade special education. I am just getting familiar with the platform in hopes to become certified in the future.

New to coding but looking forward to learning right along with the students.

I’m Melissa, I’m a middle school tech coach serving 5 middle schools, 200+ teachers, and over 3500 students!
We use Code.Org to meet our CS needs in 5th grade and I’m learning more to help expand it to our upper grades as an elective.

Hi My name is Annette and I teach Grades 5 through 8. I am interested in teaching AI and Machine learning. I usually use just Express2023 for my classes

Hi This is Aung Phyo from Myanmar. I’m a System Engineer and I love teaching of CS especially for the kids. Have a good day!

My name is Heather. I am in MD and I have been teaching tech ed using a different program. My county is now looking into this. From what I see so far it seems very user friendly and thorough!!! I am excited!!!

Hi! My name is Kelly Murphy!
I am a pre-service teacher that is currently a student teacher in a third grade, but will graduate with an elementary education degree with a middle level math extension. I will not be teaching a unit this year, but am very excited to do so in the future! I am having fun learning everything I can about CS and look forward to bringing this to my future students.

Brendan Collins and I am an 8th Grade Social Studies teacher. I was offered to take a CS class through URI and jumped at the opportunity! Still figuring out what Units I will be teaching in the future, but I love the platform and getting students involved in a super important subject!

Hi my name is Hanna F. I am currently not a teacher but I have been in practicums with grades 2-3. I am not teaching any units this year, but I am excited to possibly do so in the future! In CS discoveries I am most excited about creating apps and games.

My name is Maddie Vigneault and I am not yet a certified teacher. because of this, I do not have any CS Discoveries that I plan to teach this year. That being said, if I was going to teach any CS discoveries, I would be most excited to teach Unit 2 (Web Development). This is because of the fact that it is beginner friendly and it will allow for me to get to know my students’ personalities.

Hi! My name is Olivia Noyes. I am not currently an in service teacher, but I am an Elementary Education major who hopes to teach grades 2-5. Since I am not in service, I do not have any units that I am planning on teaching this year. I have been most excited about the app lab so far!

My name is Katelyn Prosnitz. I currently teach math intervention at the middle school level, grades 6-8. * I’m not sure yet which units of CS Discoveries I plan to teach. I am not yet employed as a CS teacher! I am currently working on learning and getting the endorsement for my certification. I am most excited about Game Lab and App Lab. I think they will be most appealing to middle school students and we could have a lot of fun working through it together.

Hello My name is Keith Lavin. I am currently taking a CS course teaching students about exciting uses of code using Code.org. This class will enable me to a have a CS endorsement added to my certificate so I can spread the word of code!

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Hello everyone! My name is Keith Wilson, I am a high school teacher from RI and I will be teaching CS Discoveries next year to incoming freshman. It will be a half year course but I have not mapped it out just yet. I would be happy to receive any advice on what units are a must do and if any units are recommended specifically due to the age group I will be working with.

You have a lot to choose from! I would definitely use parts of the problem solving unit. They’re fun and foundational.

You could do web development (unit 2) as that could appeal to 9th+ graders. Unit 3 is probably a must … kids really like it and it’s a good introduction to programming.

The others are going to depend on what you want to accomplish. You may want to login and look at the different collections of units and pick one that will fit your students best.

Good luck! Just my 2 cents.