Welcome to CS Discoveries: Introduce yourself

Hello! I’m Brian and I teach grades 7-12. I’ll be teaching a year long version of CSD this year. Very excited about how many resources Code.org offers!

My name is Lindsay Blackmer and I teach 6th grade. I’ll be working with our 7th grade CS Discoveries teacher to plan the units to teach.

Hello! My name is Chuck Palosaari and I teach grades 7-12. I’m teaching CS Discoveries for the first time this year to 9-10 graders, but I’ll be assisting another teacher with teaching CSD to middle schoolers. I’m excited about having my students to work with the Circuit Playgrounds in Unit 6.

Hi My name is Shanyn. I teach 9th graders in a one semester course. I will teach Units 1,2.3 and would like to add in some of 6 and 7 this year.
I am excited to introduce the AI unit to my students!

Adrian Cervini
K-12 Music/Band/Social Studies/Computers
This will be my first time using Code.org in the classroom. I would like to introduce the students and invite them to explore the Discovery site and ask them what they are most excited about learning.
I’m excited for everything. It’s brand new and a challenge!

Kraig Brown
Last year I taught 8th grade math and 8th grade Algebra I as well as used CS Discoveries in a new class offered as an elective to 7th and 8th grade students. I am moving to a new school district this year to teach Geometry in high school. I want to get back to teaching some computer science. If presented with the opportunity to do so, I will incorporate all of the units like I did this past year.

Hi, my name is Leonard Leach I teach all grade levels. I plan to teach computer science the next school year.

Hey there! I am Andrea Whan I teach sixth and seventh grade ELA. I am excited to present Code.org as an afterschool program and teach it throughout the year. I am most excited about units six and seven. I think my students will love them!


My name is Mrs. Jill Diedrich. I currently teach a basic Technology Class for K through 8th at Detroit Premier Academy. Since none of the scholars at this school have ever taken a coding class, I will start with intro to problem solving and creating apps with my middle schoolers. I would love to do it with the younger ones but I have to explore a little more before deciding what to introduce them to this year.

I’m excited for the whole program overall. I feel like a lot of children are going to love it.

Hello! My name is Alexandria and I will be teaching 6-8 STEM and Robotics. I plan on teaching parts of each unit. I am excited to teach Interactive Animations and Games.

Hi. My name is Valerie Heilman and I teach 7-12. I am just getting my schedule, but I believe I will be teaching a 7th grade explore computer science 9-week section this fall. I plan to look at the Express course for this. I am excited to teach the students so many new things that I am sure most of them will love!

Hi! My name is Sheila H. I’m new to teaching, but not young! I will be teaching 6-8th CS. I’m nervous!

My name is Diane Personett and I will be teaching Units 1-3 this year. Is there somewhere that has some resources for activities and/or quizzez? I have found the Student Resources but am looking for some other teacher created practice or assessment resources.

Hey all, my name is Yitz - I’ve recently started volunteering at a local school in my area to teach students how to code. I work as a software engineer full time and look forward to teaching middle school and high school students how to code and how to think like a coder/developer using the CS Discoveries course! :slight_smile:

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  • Jill Fritzsche
  • 7/8
    *I am not sure which units of CS Discoveries I will teach.
  • I am excited to learn more.

Hello, I’m Rebecca Malones. I work as an Instructional Facilitator and teach the CSF (Intro and Deep Dive) courses to our teachers, as well as other CS workshops. I am not teaching CSD but looking into Code.org’s AI.

My name is Belinda Beckford
I teach teachers and I am facilitator of Code.org
I am not in the classroom.
I am excited about the new AI resources.

Hi there! Sandra Myers here. I am a CSD facilitator and taking the CSF course.
A delight to meet you all!

My name is Michelle Anding and I am a Computer Science teacher in Flowood, MS. I teach 7th and 8th grade students. I am also a Code.org facilitator. I love teaching others about Code.org.