Welcome to CS Discoveries: Introduce yourself

  • My name is Lauren Karhoff
  • I teach Computer to PK through 8th grade
  • I’m still deciding which lessons in CS Discoveries to teach middle school since I only see them once a week for 45 minutes.
  • I’m really excited about the engaging activities in these lessons. I think my students will really enjoy them!

I am Dr. Sandy Woodrow Yancy, Sr.
I teach 7 and 8 graders
I plan to teach Units 1 - 8.
I am excited to teach Unit 7 - AI and Machine Learning.

Hi! My name is Lynn and I am going to be teaching this to freshmen. I’m not exactly sure which units I will be teaching, just excited to be getting computer science to the students.

Hi! My name is Julie and I am in NYC. I will be teaching CS Discoveries for the first time to 7th graders in September and I am looking forward to interacting with you as we share this teaching journey.

Hi everyone,

My name is Bailey Moran and I am an Educational Technology Specialist at a K-12 school. I plan to teach as many units of CS Discoveries as my schedule allows, but I am primarily interested in the AI and Machine Learning unit as I am hoping to link this knowledge to our Robotics program. I am most excited about seeing my students become independent problem solvers by participating in the curriculum activities!

Hi! My name is Jen and I teach 6th grade Math/Science and 7/8 Computer Science. I plan on teaching the year-long curriculum with my Computer Science elective class this coming year. I’m most excited to learn more about the AI unit.

Hi! I’m Brynna, and I’m actually a Learning Innovation and Support Specialist at our school…like fancy IT support. I handle teacher technology training, and am looking into your courses on training educators about AI. Thanks!

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Hello - My name is Zografa, and I teach Middle and HIgh School. I plan on teaching most of the units if I can. I am most excited about teaching my students how helpful coding can be.

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Hello! My name is Darrilynn and I am a Computer Science teacher at Digital Harbor. I am excited about this school year

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Kerri Edwards,
I will be teaching High schools grades 9-12. Would like to teach all 7 units. Web page development.

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Hi: I am Donna Hill and I teach grades 9-12 at Southern High School. I hope to cover all units in the curriculum, realizing I may need to eliminate some portions. I am most excited about the AI Unit.

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Greetings from the Nation’s Capital and Metropolitan Area. I am new to CODE.org and looking forward to inspiring a generation of middle schoolers to be creators instead of ONLY consumers of games and apps. I am also looking forward to learning from you all!


I am excited to learn more ways to teach code.org. I teach 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Vergie Brinson

Viva Las Vegas!

My name is Bobby and I am a brand new MS teacher who is teaching NV’s Computer Science and Applications course! I’ve taught code.org fundamental courses with my ES students for 7 years and both the kids and I LOVE code.org!

I’m planning on teaching Unit 3 in my CS and A class, but if I get a chance, I’d love to get into Units 4, 5, and 6!

I just love how much more students can do and think about in CSD. From coding websites and games to designing with others in mind, I think this course can transform our students into capable and competent leaders of the future!

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Hi, I am Sandra and usually teaching MS advanced math (algebra). For the school year 23/24, I will be teaching a semester long computer science class for the first time ever at our school! I am both equally excited and nervous about that and have picked to teach CSD with a focus on the design process incl. AI. (Those are units 1,2,4,7).

Hi, my name is Kimberly Franks. I am teaching 6-8th Computer Science. I am planning on working my way through all the units of CS Discoveries this year. I am excited to have an amazing curriculum resource such as this to engage and teach my computer students. I am really excited to do some projects and give some great computer experiences to my students as well as myself!

Hey there,

Name’s Jeffrey Gibson. Used to teach, now I’m all about data stuff – databases, ETL (that’s Extract, Transform, Load), and program management. Guess what? I’m back to the teaching gig, but this time around, it’s 8th-grade CS with high school credit on the line.

You know, it’s crazy how tech is woven into everything now. From apps to data systems, it’s all CS behind the scenes. So, I’m back in the classroom to dive into CS with you awesome 8th graders.

This class isn’t just about bits and code; it’s high school credit material. That’s some serious business. But don’t worry, we’ll keep it cool and hands-on.

I’m stoked to get to know all you teachers and work together in making CS a blast for these students. If you’ve got any questions, hit me up. Let’s make this CS journey rock!

Catch you later,
Jeffrey Gibson

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Hello! My name is Ginger Neely; I will be teaching Computer Science 1st grade through 8th grade. I am looking at the Intro to Problem Solving lesson. I am most excited about having access to lessons that other people have already tried and have been successful with. No need to reinvent the wheel.

My name is Cari Littlefield and I teach ELA, Computer Science/Coding, and Future Educators. My CS/Coding course is a semester so I am planning to teach units 1-7 using 6A as my option. I am most excited about getting students involved and learning right aside them.

Eric Rood
6th - 8th
Units 1 and 3, more if possible.
First year teaching this. I’m excited to learn more along with my students!