Where to start 6 & 7 grade students if they have never had Code.org?


We are a 2nd year charter school. I am going to start teaching Code.org to my k-7 students. What course should I start with for 6 & 7 grade if they are new to Code.org

Thank you!



Welcome to the site! You could look at the Code.org Computer Science Fundamentals course and have the students focus on the later courses, and maybe then you could look at Exploring Computer Science for some additional materials. I know there is a 6-8 course in the works from Code.org. If you are in the Math or Sciences there are separate Code.org programs for those subjects. Best of luck and Welcome!

Brad Ashley



Estoy planeando hacer una hora de código en el colegio con alumnos de secundaria, es la primera vez, tengo una duda…¿La fecha en que la realizaré, debe ser solo en Diciembre?


Paola Naranjos Cruz
San Luis Potosí, México



Welcome! The Hour of Code is officially in December, but you can access the hour of code tutorials on many websites including the Code.org website. Good luck and great to have you aboard!



Hola Brad:

Muchas gracias, planearé una hora de código en Diciembre. ¿Hay días en especial para llevarlas a cabo?

Saludos cordiales
Paola Naranjos Cruz
San Luis Potosí, México



No specific days required, anyday is fine! If you are feeling ambitious, you could plan an after school/weekend event for parents and students - but no guidelines, just exposure to coding!