A-G Course Requirement for California State University and University of California


Does anyone know if the CSD course is an approved A-G course for the California State Universities and the University of California’s?
Maybe we can make it so?


CSD isn’t an A-G approved course, but we are pursing it next year. We’ve yet to decide which type of credit we’re applying for, as they’ve recently opened up the Science requirement to potentially include CS classes.


Is there a way to make CSD an A-G course even though code.org hasn’t applied for the credit? Are there any schools that have? Thanks for the help.




Yes, schools/districts can apply for course a-g status individually. If your school would like to apply for a-g status, please let us know and we can do what we can to help you with getting the required information together. Right now, I don’t think that there are any schools that teach CSD as an a-g approved high school course.



We are not a unified district and I would like to include CSD as an A-G course. Can you email me with more info. Thanks. eduran@euhsd.org



My school would like to teach the Code.org CSD and CSP courses as A-G courses. Would love any support or additional info you can provide on the process. Thanks



Thanks, Mason. I’ve emailed you, too.