Using CSP and CSD as A-G courses?


I am hoping to teach the CSD and CSP courses as A-G courses in California.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with submitting courses for A-G approval and looking for any support or resources they might be willing to share.

I need to get A-G approval for CSD. Did you get a reply? I was hoping that someone else had done it so I could just use theirs.

It looks like you both found an answer on another thread, but in case anyone else stumbles on this thread, it looks like CSD is pre-approved for A-G credit: A-G Course Requirement for California State University and University of California

Yes, Frank is right. If you are teaching the AP version of CSP, your course list manager can choose AP CSP from the AP’s list of pre-approved courses. If you are doing a non-AP version of CSP or CSD, your course list manager can choose them from’s list of pre-approved courses.’s non-AP CSP is approved as an honors course, and both of’s courses are approved as CTE-integrated, as described in the post he linked to. They are under the “g”-elective-math-computer science category.


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