ADHD... students

Take a brain break and play a game like Heads or Tails. (coin, flip it, if they match you they get to stay standing).

I also play a game called Washaa… they pick from three different poses after I say, “Are you ready… Washaa!” (ninja, snake/cobra, or turtle). If they match me, I’m the master and they are out and have to sit. Continue until there is a winner or only one left.

Then… back to work…


@haberj this sounds really cool! Would you happen to have a link to the rules for this?? I really want to try this out with my students, but I’m only finding results for: Washington State Health Advocacy Association (WASHAA) :disappointed_relieved:


I love the Washaa idea! I have recently had a few stand up desks added to my room and the kids love them! I have less students asking to go to the bathroom! Ask your PTO! They have rocker bars for their feet. Lori from Longmeadow, MA