Coding for students with ADHD

The common theme is that these students can be successful in coding…

They will need breaks
Jobs that allow them to move about
They need to be able to participate in a variety of ways
They may benefit from a hard copy, rather than having everything digital
They should be monitored more closely


I also find that the students with ADHD might often need to know the “why” or “how we’ll use this” to be more successful. I also allow all of my student to use flexible seating, meaning that they can work anywhere in my room. Kids can use a variety of carpets and yoga mats to code on the floor, or laying down. I pretty much don’t care how they sit or work, as long as they are working. I also give them fidget cubes or objects, or will let them stand at desks. At a previous school, I had balance ball chairs and they were amazing for ADD kiddos.