ADHD and Projects

I would suggest breaking a project into chunks with different dates to check in and ensure (initial) that the chunk has been completed.
Some students do fine w/ the entire directive and deadline but I have found the Attention students need shorter directives and more frequent check ins.


I try to have my ADHD students take a 1 minute break about every 20 minutes. This allows them to go outside and calm themselves. They are then able to come back and work. My classes are 82 minutes long, so breaks for these students are important.


My ADHD kids work better standing. Luckily I have counter height tables where they can do just that. There are other flexible seating options you can look at to support that as well, especially if you have laptops.


I let my students who have difficulties sitting still stand as well. I am trying to get funding for a few standing desks, but as of now, they stand when they need to and then they are able to stay focused a little better. I tried fidget items before, but since we are on the computers everyday, and they need both hands to type, those did not work as well.



When in a pinch, I’ve stacked books on top of each other to create some height for kids to stand. The books have to be big enough for the laptop and students to rest their wrist - and I got lucky with Chromebooks and thick art books from the art department.

Hope that helps!


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I usually opt for the encyclopedias no one uses in the library. :slight_smile:

San Antonio Cohort: In addition to your check points, I would also assign a grade at each of the check points to help students experience success in smaller time frames.

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San Antonio Cohort: Breaking up tasks into smaller pieces.
Look for students interest in the group topic and make sure he relates personally to the subject.
Students sometimes need to be paired with a leader that will keep them on task. It is important however to not always choose the same lead learner to keep the adhd student on task.

Great idea! I allow my students to change seats about every 15 minutes - all students are invited to do so. The first 15 minutes, students are in assigned seats for the lesson. They are allowed to move for the guided group practice and independent study session. This strategy makes the 50 minute periods far more bearable for all.

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Bed risers work well to elevate student desks.