Button Disappearing between Design Tab and Code Tab


First time posting on the forum so apologies if I’m doing this incorrectly/in the wrong place. I have a student that is making a personality quiz (https://studio.code.org/projects/applab/YAzPtoAvRRVzrzdtGpHffC_o48VyOm5fCzN8t7wBaSo/view) and on the “question4” page, her button titled “help” keeps disappearing when we switch between the design tab and the code tab. The hidden box is not checked for the button in the design tab and the button will show up again when we switch back to the design tab but keeps disappearing when switching back to code. We even tried just duplicating one of her other buttons that was not disappearing just but the duplicated button will keep disappearing also. We also made sure to send the button all the way to the top in case it was hiding behind the pictures or background but this didn’t fix the disappearing button either.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? :slight_smile:

I found the issue, when you name your button “help” in the id property, the button disappears as you stated. Name it “helpButton”, and it works. “help” is most likely a reserved word you should not use. Nice project!


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YES! That fixed it! Thank you so much Ed, that was really bugging us haha.