Can I Email Someone In The App?

So, I’m making an app for my mom’s coaching center. Before starting the app, there would be a login screen. If you’re new to the app then you can sign up and create a new account. To make a new account, you must type your name, grade, password, email, and phone number. After all those details are collected in the data, I want to email it to my mum. How can I do that? Also, the email and phone number need verification. How can I SMS it to the person?

Hello @nabihashaikh092.

Are you referring to a specific activity that’s part of the CSD curriculum? In the Data Unit, student are asked to come up with a prototype app that they would envision creating and what you describe would certainly be a good prototype. However, in CSD, students don’t actually create that app.

Several of the features you describe would probably not be possible since App Lab is a training tool that can create basic web apps, but storing the data and sending SMS messages would require integrations that I don’t believe are currently available.

I hope I am understanding your question and that my answer helps a little.