Clarification if multiple answers are possible on 13.3

The answer I came up with for 13.3 works but is different than the teacher answer.
I just changed the x value because I wanted to keep the y constant
Here is the teacher answer.

Here is my answer.

How is the teacher answer different than mine because they both seem to do the same thing?
Thank you

Miss W,

The teacher example has a range on the bee.y value of +50, -50, your code the .yvalue has to be exact. This is a great example of how code can be slightly different for people based on the outcome. Later code can be made to be more efficient based on functions - but still will work if everything is coded out. One of my favorite things about CS, there can be many different “correct” answers that are based on the students ability and you can move them towards efficient code slowly as they are still making gains!


Thank you for your help and answer. Have a nice day! Elaine