Class sections sorting

I decided to create a CSD 2 class that has multiple class periods in it and I did the same for CSD 1.
I had them put a 7A or 7B or 6A or 6B in front of their name.

In one class, the sort by the # and then the last name which is what I want.
6A-jones, 6A-Smith, 6B-Davis, 6B-Nichols
But in the other class it sorts by last name
6B-Davis, 6A-Jones, 6B-Nichols, 6A-Smith

I created less classes bc it slow when jumping around from class to class to grade so I want them in same class but need them grouped together.

Anyone know how to sort them differently or force a sort or why this works with one class and not the other?

Hi @troym.king,

Smart idea to combine sections with that naming convention! I do not know why the second class is is sorting differently based on the 3rd character? I am sure you have already made sure the sort options are the same between classes (display name order, family name sort option)?

With that said, I do wonder if a solution could be that you use the Family Name column to add their class section (6A , 6B)? Then, within each family name, it should sort by the students last name.

To do this, you’ll have to remove the 6A 6B from the student name and add it to Family Name. To add the Family Name, you do have to go to “Manage Student” and edit each one. Then in the progress tab, choose to sort by “Family Name”.

I hope this helps.