Sorting Students

I have two class periods of AP CSP. We are using a trimester system and after a trimester is over, some students will be moved into the other class period and vise versa (i.e. Joe Smith has 1st period this trimester but has 2nd period next trimester). I have put all students in both classes into one section so I don’t have to worry about moving them etc. at the end of the trimester.

Is there a way to sort them in the one section so I can look at one class all together and the other class all together? Would I sort them in alpha order by first name and then just move them at the trimester within the one section? Just trying to find an easy way to do it.

My recommendation would be to maintain separate sections and moving them around at the end of they trimester . Moving students from one section to another is very easy and you can do it bulk. Here is a link that explains it:

The only other way I can think of would be to go into each student and add something in front of their name that would cause a sort.

Anyone else have ideas?