- Computer Science in Algebra PD: Teacher Introduction


My name is Tracy Robar. I have a bachelors degree in civil engineering and my master of arts in teaching. I have been teaching middle school and high school math for the past 16 years, with my last 7 years in Forsyth County Schools (5 at Little Mill MS and 2 at North Forsyth HS). I am returning to Little Mill MS next year to teach technology and engineering education. I am interested in teaching something that can be directly tied into the math (we math teachers struggle with students consistently asking “when will we ever use this?”). Outside the classroom, I love to read, learn new things, enjoy summertime by the pool, and hiking and running.


I’m Mary and I teach at a comprehensive High School in Bellevue, WA. I’ll be integrating this course into my Algebra 1 class. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and have always wanted to find a way to integrate computer programming into my math classes. Outside of class I like to ride my bike and hang out at my family cabin in Minnesota.


I teach 8th grade Robotics and Principles of IT at Fonville Middle School. I love coding and think CS should be part of the core curriculum starting in ES. It is such a great way to develop students critical thinking skills. When not in the classroom, I like to spend time with my family, travel, and code.


I am with you regarding using coding to engage students who are not very interested in learning while in school. The Hour of Code sparked students’ interest in learning in a new way.


Good morning,

My name is Jamila and I will be working with teacher’s teaching computer science from grades K-8. I am one of the technology coordinators for William H. Brown school of Technology. I’m totally interested in Computer Science! Mainly because I graduated from college with a degree in Computer Information Systems (because I wanted to design video games). Outside of the classroom I enjoy playing video games, reading, and writing.


I teach technology and am also the Mathematics coach at Blanchester Middle school. I have always been interested in all things computers and trying to learn more about coding to help guide my students in the classroom. Outside of the classroom, I spend most of my time with my wife and two sons and getting on the lake hanging out with the fish.


My name is Khalid Oluewu. I am an assistant principal with 8 years of teaching experience in the area of math. I look forward to learning more about Computer Science in Algebra and supporting my teacher in its implementation. I have some background in computer science as my Bachelor’s degree is in Computer Information Systems and I had a few coding classes. I enjoy playing the keyboard, writing and arranging music, playing basketball and working out. Additionally, I enjoy spending time with friends and family.


Hi everyone!

I teacher K-8 STEM/Computer Science at Edison Regional Gifted Center in Chicago, IL. This past year, I taught the K-5 curriculum and I am looking forward to learning about the middle school Algebra courses. I am interested in Computer Science because it is fun and incredibly empowering to take control of the technology around me rather than just consuming it. In my free time, I enjoy creating wearable electronics projects, cooking, traveling, and playing MTG and euro-style games.


I teach 6th grade math in Clifton middle school in Houston, TX. Next year I will be teaching computer science. That’s why I am interested in this course. I was introduced to coding last year when our school participated in coding competition. I noticed how our students were excited and how some Math concepts was used in the Scratch competition (coordinate plane, zero pairs, absolute value). In my free time I enjoy swimming, traveling, watching movies.


I teach mathematics at Polytechnics SH. I’m interested in Computer Science because I believe that every student should be exposed to coding just like they need to learn another language. I myself can code several programming languages and love to be able to teach Computer Science to my students


Very interesting! Are you provided with the curriculum to teach robotics?


My name is Mara Lansdown. I teach seventh and eighth grade math at Arroyo Seco Museum Science Magnet in Highland Park, California. I’ve been teaching math for seven years. Prior to my current assignment, I was an elementary school teacher for fifteen years.

I’m interested in computer science because so many future jobs will require our students to be computer literate. I want to be able to acquire the tools necessary to inspire them to pursue more open ended fields of study. I’m limited in my knowledge, so this course with interested me.

Out side of the classroom I’m super busy with my large family. I try to stay healthy and fit.


Uhm…I need you to take snowboarding off of your list Ma’am!


My name is Christopher Daniel and I teach Ed Tech at Woodward Park Middle School in Columbus Ohio. I attended the Intro to CODE training and watched some of the YouTube videos and was SOLD. I can’t wait until next school so that I can expose this to my students and show them the possibilities.
In my spare time I…have a growing family (currently 4 lil ppl), very involved in our church and VBS, love to grill/smoke, run my own tee shirt and security companies & coach middle school football and track.


Hello, My name is Kasia Garga and I will be teaching STEM next year to 6-8 grade students at Mariano Azuela Elementary School in Chicago Public Schools. We are planning to also implement Computer Science in Algebra to our study.

This year I have taught 5th grade and I was able to teach Coding Course 2 to my students. Their interest and love for coding made me feel so sure that next year students will also have that same love for this subject!


My name is Kris Turner. I will be teaching 5th and 6th graders in Reynoldsburg OH right outside of Columbus starting in August.

Our Junior High is a STEM focused academy and the teachers I will be working with have already shared their excitement about incorporating coding into their content areas. My introduction to coding was through’s “Hour of Code” initiative. I was instantly hooked when my special education students bought in immediately and far surpassed me through the games, tutorials and activities.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy taking my boat out with family and hanging out at the lake cabin. I am an avid fisherman and look forward to exploring the waterways of Central Ohio!


My name is Tricia Percival and I teach 7th and 8th grade math and Geometry at Eisenhower Middle School. I am interested in computer science because that’s actually the major I wanted before I switched to teaching. I’ve always loved computers and puzzle solving and coding is a combination of the two.
Outside the classroom I enjoy reading, being outside, being on my computer, and hanging out with my 8 month old.


I love “The Man Who Loved Only Numbers”! One of my favorite math books!


Hello!! My name is Kristie Rickert and I teach at Heatherwood Middle School in Mill Creek, Washington. I currently teach 7/8 Compacted Math and Robotics.

Having taught Math and Robotics over the last year, I have developed an appreciation for Computer Science. After bringing the Hour of Code into my Robotics class and watching the positive reaction from my students, it got me excited as well.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy watching and attending different sporting events around the Seattle area.


Hi my name is Necole Johnson. I teach at Audubon Middle School as a 6th grade Math and Science teacher. I’m new to middle school and LAUSD. My previous teaching career has been in 2nd and 3rd grades as well as 9th - 12th where I taught US and World History, Econ, Government and Basic Math/Pre-Algebra.

I’m a self-taught computer geek. I thought learning more about Computer Science and coding would pique my interest.

I spend my time bowling, organizing and shopping with friends when not in class.