- Computer Science in Algebra PD: Teacher Introduction


I hope to be as excited about computer science and coding as you are.


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My name is E Thompson. I teach 8th grade Mathematics at Disney Elementary School in Chicago. I have taken several Computer Science Classes and think children would enjoy learning Computer Science as it relates to Algebra.


I am Carol Van Fossen. I have twenty years experience teaching math, mostly at the high school level. I now teach high school credit courses to middle school students. I have a minor in computer science which was so many years ago that I am excited to reopen that knowledge!


Hi Everyone, My name is Jessica and I teach with Los Angeles Unified School District. Looking forward to collaborating with everyone!


@dau8277 I am with LAUSD too! Orville Wright MS in the West.


Hello! Hope to have the opportunity to collaborate…


Hello Everyone!
I currently teach k-8th grade at Dore elementary school in Chicago. My interest in learning more about computer science is because I teach computers/technology. A need to prepare my students for the future has made me want to learn more about computer science.
Outside of the classroom, I am a mom of two and proud. They are my life and love to spend as much time as I can with my family.


I teach 6th grade English and History, along with a Math Elective. I also teach at a community based program on Saturday’s that is robotics. I enjoy computers and I think this will be an excellent way to connect with my students during the math elective.


My name is Brittany and I teach 8th grade math. I have been teaching 8th grade math and algebra for 4 years. I do not have any experience with computer science, but very excited to learn about it and us it in my classroom! Outside of the classroom I love to run and travel.


I am the Magnet Coordinator at Griffith Middle School and work with 6-8 students and teachers. I am taking this course because I have been interested in Computer Science since a child. I enjoyed working with the programs in the old Aplle II computers in Elementary School. Outside of school I enjoy spending time doing recreational and sports activities with my three sons David, Victor, and Adrian.


Hi! My name is Paula and I will be starting my first year with Reynolsburg City Schols teaching 8th grade math in their STEM building.
I am interested in computer science and how to apply it in the math classroom. This is all very new to me and I am excited for the challenge and a different approach as today’s world is driven by technology.
In my free time I love spending time with my husband and 2 year old son. We are a very active family and always on the go!


Hi! My name is Elizabeth and this will be first year teaching Computer Science in Algebra. I have taught Algebra to the middle school students for years, but not with the Computer Science Twist. I am endorsed in Computer Science Education; but this will be my first year trying to incorporate Computer Science in my Mathematics class.


I teach 8th grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra in Chicago. I heavily incorporate Khan Academy into my curriculum and this year had some students who were very in to the computer science aspect of Khan.
I have not had much computer science experience other than the introductory course I took in college. I look forward to learning more and passing it on to my students! I love to play sports, read books, do crossword puzzles, and hang out with friends and family.


I currently teach mathematics, grade 7 at Mattawoman Middle School in southern Maryland. Next academic year, I will have sections of both on grade level (grade 7) and accellerated (essentially grade 8). Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated with the connections between mathematics and computer science. I hold degrees in both mathematics and computer science Though I have not been able to incorporate coding in my instruction to date, I believe that genesis between mathematics and computer science is the future of the field. Outside of the classroom, I am enjoying reading and writing science fiction. I am also an avid cyclist and regularly play soccer.


I’m Erin Strawbridge, I teach 5th and 6th grade math at Linne Elementary in Avondale. This is my 4th year teaching math. I am interested in Computer Science because I think student interest in the topic is high, and I enjoy how it seems to blend creativity and problem solving-- both important skills for our students to have as they enter the world as adults. I have no background in computer science but am eager to learn more and may even like to one day take the courses required for a technology endorsement.

Outside of the classroom I like to attend fitness classes such as Zumba, Bodypump, and Yoga, I like to ride my bike and play tennis, and I love going to baseball games with my husband. We are not from Chicago but have decided that since we are both from American League cities, we can adopt the Cubs as our home-away-from-home team with clear consciences. =) I also enjoy going to see live music and spending time in my favorite vacation spot- coastal Maine.


Hi! I’m Shandra Crosby and I teach at Baker Middle School in Tacoma, Wa. Next year I will be teaching robotics and 8th grade algebra intervention. I’m interested in computer science because I think it will give students a practical application for math. Outside of school I enjoy traveling, spending time with my family, and reading. Summers in the northwest are the best so I definitely take advantage of the time off!


My name is Denise Adams and I have taught various courses in the Business Department at Stonewall Jackson High School for the past 25 years. Next year, I will also be teaching a computer class for eighth graders at North Fork Middle School. I really enjoy teaching computer classes, and took a few programming classes in college. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy crossword puzzles, Pilates, reading, and spending time with my family and friends.


My name is Jim Mitchell and I teach at Sweetwater Middle School in Gwinnett County. This is my 4th year teaching and this year I will be teaching 6th and 7th grade Computer Science and 9th grade Fundamentals of Engineering to 8th graders. I became interested in computer science when I took FORTRAN in college. I like it because it helped me to organize my thoughts when problem solving and break problems down into a series of logical steps. Outside of class I like to run/jog, watch movies, and surf the web looking for new teaching ideas.


Hi! I’m Janice Maino. I teach CTE at Liberty Middle School in Ashland, Hanover County, VA. My specific subjects include Keyboarding, Computer Applications, Computer Publishing, and Computer Programming. Of course, my very favorite of these is Computer Programming! I supported the Hour of Code the first year of it’s existence in my classroom. This past year, I promoted it school-wide and had great turn-out.

I am interested in Computer Science because I see how it affects our everyday life. I understand the shortage of CS students in our schools and colleges.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my 3 children (all young adults), with my dogs, and reading.