- Computer Science in Algebra PD: Teacher Introduction


Hi! I’m Debbie McNulty and I teach 7th Grade Accelerated Math at Dacula Middle School in Dacula, GA. I love teaching math and am always looking for new and exciting ways to integrate real world situations into the curriculum. I’m excited about implementing into my curriculum and seeing how the students take off with it.

Out side the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my three grandsons and their parents! I also have a small monogramming business out of my home that keeps me very busy.


I teach at Shoop Academy in Chicago. I am interested in teaching Computer science to enrichment Math instruction. I enjoy spending time with my husband and 3 sons outside of school.


I am a middle school Family and Consumer Science teacher in Charles County Maryland. My program is being eliminated and I was asked to teach coding and STEM to students in grades 6-8. My computer skills are limited and I know absolutely nothing about coding. Outside of school I enjoy distance running, traveling and being with my family.


Hi all,
My name is Ed Kania. I teach 7-8 Math at James Ward School in Chicago. Many of my students enjoy math and are interested in computer science. What a perfect way to bridge both interests.
Outside of school, I enjoy TV (Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Homeland…all the uplifting shows), baseball, travel (although it’s been a while : ( )


My name is Rebecca Drury from Cascade K-8 Community School in Shoreline, WA. I teach 7th and 8th grade math, mixed 6/7/8 grade science, Designmaker (Intro to Engineering) for 6/7/8 and sometimes 4th/5th grade science.

I have been doing Hour of Code for a couple of years, and have taught some game development as part of my engineering curriculum. I am really excited to incorporate coding into mathematics itself, and to figure out how to meet Common Core Standards with coding.

Outside of school I enjoy reading, art, riding my bicycle and hanging out with my cats.


I used to teach at Totem Middle School in Federal Way. Bremerton seems like it will be a different job, even if you are teaching the same thing. Good luck with the new job.


My name is Shirley Bammert. I teach 6th grade math at William Thomas Middle School in the American Falls School District. I have been teaching there for 12 years. I am excited to be able to add more use of technology into my classroom.

I know that the need for computer science is huge and what better time to introduce our students. I think that the relevance of our use of technology is visible everywhere and that students will be engaged in this type of learning because of that.

Besides teaching math, I enjoy yard work, camping, and spending time with my husband and kids.


I teach computer technology classes at Middleton Middle School in Idaho. Computer science is driving current trends in technology. The fact that technology is always changing keeps me interested. I also like the problem solving aspect of computer science. I have a variety of things I do outside of the classroom ranging from golf and camping to brewing my own beer.


Hello all!

I’m Kymia Jones and I teach middle school math (but will become the first STEM teacher at our school next year) at Suder Montessori Magnet in Chicago.

I’d love to learn how to incorporate computer science into my classroom and I’m very excited to learn about teaching Algebra in new ways.

Outside of the classroom, I’m a wife/mommy, marathoner, cross country & track coach, and a budding seamstress.


Hi Shandra!

May I ask what the “algebra intervention” course entails? I’m always looking for new ideas to incorporate in my teaching!



I’d love to know more about how you incorporate Khan Academy. I use it at home with my daughter and use it as a reference for a college class I teach, but I’ve never tried it with middle school students.

Are you able to build your course?


My name is Teresa Dodge and I teach 7-9 grade math at Glenns Ferry Middle/High School. I am starting my 24th year. I also teach math online for IDLA and have been do that for about 8 years. I am hoping to help students find a valid reason to learn algebra and I am hoping this computer science class will help with that. Kids today are really not interested in solving multiple step equations and graphing them…

Outside of school I enjoy my children and grandchildren. I like to travel and am heading to Europe soon.


My name is Lucy Wafwa and I teach 6th grade Technology and 6th grade Pre-Algebra at Vision Charter School. Starting my 21st year as a teacher, most of which has been spent with middle schoolers. Some say that makes me crazy but I LOVE them!!!

I was interested in taking this course because I’m always looking for new ideas and ways to innovative. I was also interested because of the experience we had with coding in my technology classes this past year. I do a 9 week unit on coding and tried this year rather than Scratch or Tynker. My students LOVED it!!! I had a ton of kids write over 1,000 lines of code each and over 94,000 lines as a group.

When I’m not absorbed in school, I spend time with my family, reading, watching movies, or creating in my craft room.


My name is Sarah. I teach 6th grade math in Meridian, Idaho. I am interested in Computer Science to help provide students with additional enrichment opportunities within our curriculum. Outside the classroom, I enjoy reading and spending time with my family.


My name is Carla Adams. I teach Math 6 in the West Ada School District in Meridian, Idaho. I am interested in Computer Science to provide enrichment opportunities for students.


I currently teach 7th grade math at Elizabeth Davis Middle School in Chesterfield County, Virginia. I just finished my 10th year of teaching, which has include all of the county’s middle school math programs at different points throughout the years.

I’m a self-proclaimed nerd who loves all that technology has to offer. I now run the school’s website and was recruited to help the county math department set up sites linking to various digital resources for my grade level, which will be used county-wide. I’d love to help them develop additional resources of our own, moving past just linking to what others have already produced. I’d also love to be able to aid in developing a love of computer science amongst our students as I’ve had students who have expressed their interest in it. While I know the basics of HTML, I know there’s so much out there that I’d love to add to my teaching wheelhouse.

Outside of the classroom, I’m still just as much a nerd, so I usually continue working on my digital school work along. I also enjoy spending time with my family.


My name is Susan and I teach Technology K-8 at Smyser Elementary in Chicago. I have taught the Hour of Code a couple years in a row as well as CS-First for the first time this spring. I think the program provided by is very well organized. It builds nicely to meet and continue student interest in coding. The students really enjoy it and feel a sense of accomplishment as they move through the puzzles. I am excited to introduce Computer Science in Algebra this year.


My name is Robbin Armstrong. I just completed my 26th year of teaching. I am currently teaching Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Financial Algebra in Orofino, Idaho. My classes include 7th grade students through seniors. Outside of school I like to read, scrapbook, make cards, and enjoy the outdoors.


My name is Crystal Dailey. I teach special education Algebra, Geometry, and Economics and Personal Finance at Brunswick High School. I just completed my 7th year of teaching.

Outside of teaching, I have 2 daughters who are very active. My youngest just finished her season of softball yesterday, just to start her season of cheerleading on Monday. My oldest will begin her season of band in the next two weeks.

I am interested in bringing technology into the classroom and I am a certified Google Educator.


My name is Phyllis Eppes. This is my eighth year of teaching. I teach in Powhatan County Virginia. For the past five years I have taught math to “At Risk” students and students who are trying to earn their GED. I am endorsed in Business Information Technologies. In an effort to increase my knowledge of technology in the classroom, I became a Google Certified Educator.