- Computer Science in Algebra PD: Teacher Introduction


I teach 8th grade science in Charles County Maryland. I have a secondary math degree and I want to keep my certification current. I want to provide some enrichment lessons using laptops when my students are done with their labs. I want to teach more technology lessons too.


I teach 8th grade Math in Gwinnett County. I have always been interested in Computer Science since both my parents were programmers, but never decided to make a career of it myself. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy swimming, movies and spending time with my family.


My name is Nicole Tucker and I have taught Algebra 1 and math 8 for 2 years. This year, I am entering the high school realm and will be teaching Algebra 1 and most likely trigonometry. I am interested in computer science in the math classroom, because I feel it will help extend a student’s knowledge on the reasoning side of problem solving. In my free time, I like to hang out on the river or play piano.


Hello All,

I am Carol-Ann Smith. I teach in Charles County at Davis Middle School. I teach Gateway to Technology and Computer Skills. My bachelors is in Information Systems Management. I have worked with all types of computers from Mainframes to peer-to-peer networked personal computers. I enjoy all aspects of computers.

Outside of the classroom I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and playing computer games.


I agree about the ever-changing aspect of computers. I tell my students I hope to teach them the skills to understand technology - not just the technology because they will be the ones to create the next generation of technology that I will have to learn to use.


Yes, I would love to see some of the titles too.


Hello, my name Trent Reynolds and I am about to start my 16th year teaching 7th and 8th grade Math at Fairmont Junior High in Boise, Idaho. I have always been interested in the behind the scenes work of just about anything (especially film SFX :slight_smile: ). I believe that Computer Science and coding is that behind the scenes piece that I certainly take for granted. There is enormous satisfaction in knowing what, how, and why something is occurring and this is an area I know very little about.

When not teaching I enjoy spending time with my family (wife and 2 kids). I enjoy indoctrinating my children in all things zombie as well as an appreciation for roller coasters and thrill rides in general.


Hi all,

My name is Tim Ramos. I teach K-8 CS at Goethe Elementary in the Chicago Public School system. I am excited to move CS at our school from “Skill and Drill” (though that has it’s place) to teaching valuable skills and just plain old problem solving in a context that will give our kids a chance in the modern job market.


Hi My name is Marla Taylor-Herring I have been teaching Math to students in grades 6-8 Diverse Learners for only the past year at Mahalia Jackson School. I would like to learn how I can get the students excited to learn Math.


I am a 5th grade teacher at Emmett Middle School. I have worked with the advanced math students where we did some of the coding exercises in Khan Academy and on Code.Org.
Before getting my teaching degree, I worked for a computer manufacturing company. While there, I learned how to build them and eventually, how they run internally. I thinks it’s important for our students to be given opportunities to learn about the inner workings of their beloved devices.
When I’m not teaching, I am with family. We have 3 kids, 1 grandbaby, and two nieces that we love spending time with. We like to travel, watch movies, and read. If we’re lucky, during the right part of the year, most of us are skiing and snowboarding. I can’t wait to get the two youngest little ladies in a pair of skis!


I teach at William H Brown School of Technology. I teach middle school math. I do not have any computer science experience but I realize that in order for my students to be successful in the future this is a skill they will need. This is why I am interested in CS. I want to be prepare my students to be global citizens. Outside of the classroom I like to garden as stress relief. I grow my own vegetables.


My name is Naba Gaffur and I am going into my 8th year of teaching in the Boise School District. I teach 8th grade Pre-Algebra, but have taught a variety of math courses in my 8 years.

I took computer science in college and did fairly well in the class; however, it was a lot of coding and programing. I think with how much our students use technology it would benefit them to learn the world of computer science and truly understand how the world around them revolves around computer science.

Outside of the classroom I am a volleyball coach three times a year, a Graduate student at Boise State University, and a Netflix/Hulu lover.


I would love to participate in some Zombie like activities!


You should visit my classroom, Zombie chaos!


Hi, my name is Latane Dillard. I am a teacher at Aylett Country Day School near Tappahannock, VA. In the past I have taught various grades 3rd -5th, but I am taking on a new challenge next year teaching middle school Pre-Algebra and Algebra. I have only a very, VERY basic introduction to the world of computer coding, but would like to learn more about it so that I can incorporate it in my instruction. I’ll probably need a lot of “hand-holding” throughout the course, but every class needs at least one novice like me!


The biggest way I use to help go from concrete to abstract is to start with word problems and break them down. I also like to give students a number, answer, or equation and have them come up with the problem or word problem. We then begin to discuss the process of multiple correct answers which is very abstract. I hope programming will help students understand the math processes and the ability to check their work if something doesn’t work out.



My name is Andrew Crist. Next year I will be teaching 7th grade math at Wood River Middle School in Hailey, Idaho. I am interested in computer science because I think that children need to have a basic understanding of the programming process by the time they graduate and either move into the work force or continue to higher education. Also, in the 21st century, there will be lots of career potential in this field, and the earlier the student is exposed, the better.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and 1 1/2 year old son. I also love everything outdoors that Idaho has to offer whether it is hunting in the fall, skiing in the winter, fishing in the spring, and camping and boating in the summer.


I am starting in a new district this year, I teach 6th grade in North Gem. I taught computers last year, and I am interested in enriching the curriculum with code. Outside of the classroom I like to garden and work on our home.


My name is Teresa Draper and I teach 6th grade math in Marsing, Idaho. I am excited about this course because my students are interested in computers and coding. I think this is a great opportunity to use/practice their math skills and have fun doing something they enjoy (without really thinking about it being math).

In my free time, I love to spend time with my family and read.


My name is Jen Green. I teach 8th grade math in the Everett School District at Eisenhower Middle School. I am interested in seeing how to integrate computer programming into my course. In my free time, I like to work out, roller skate, and binge watch Netflix.