- Computer Science in Algebra PD: Teacher Introduction


My name is Sara Black. I am a 6th grade math teacher at Lone Star Middle School in Nampa, Idaho. I would like to learn more about computer science/gaming in order to connect with students who may struggle to see the the point of learning algebra or math in general. In my free time I enjoy reading novels, playing board games, hiking,white water rafting, and camping.


I am glad to see that our group will have individuals of various experience but all with the desire to help our students be successful.


I am in the same boat in terms of computer science experience. I hope to learn a lot from this workshop.


My name is Kelly McLeod and I teach 7th/8th grade math at Anser Charter School in Garden City, Idaho. I am looking forward to seeing how I can use coding to pique student’s interest in math and problem solving. Outside of the classroom, I love to enjoy the great Idaho outdoors - mountain biking, skiing, fishing, white water rafting and more.


My name is Tammy Mahler. I teach at Fruitland Middle School. I’ve taught 6th grade math and social studies the last couple of years, and I taught 5th grade before that. This year, I’ll be teaching 7th grade math. I am interested in computer science because I believe it will make math more interesting and exciting for my students. Outside of the classroom, I love spending time with my family - my children and beautiful granddaughters. I also enjoy running, coaching volleyball, and working outside in my garden and on our little farm.


Hi. I teach at 6th grade math and science at Syringa Middle School in Caldwell. I’m interested in Computer Science because I love all things STEM. I feel that kids need to be active in today’s technology. In my spare time, I love to be outdoors doing anything from fly fishing to hiking to harvesting wild produce. I also love to spend time with my husband and 2.5 year old.


Randy Grove, I teach middle school Math & Science at Heritage Academy Charter School in Jerome, Idaho. I enjoy working/playing on computers and would like to see how this can help my students.


I am a computer science teacher who collaborates with another computer science teacher. We are aiming to integrate STEM subjects into our Computer Science curriculum, starting with coding and programming and now expanding into Science and Math. We are in Chicago. I like to bike and read for fun.


My name is Jesse Lee, and I am a technology teacher currently teaching at Haines Elementary School. I am interested in Computer Science because I am fascinated of using this technology to improve life in general, and apparently programming is a part of the Computer Science for me to familiar with the area of logical and creative thinking. Outside of the classroom, I like to cook, travel, sightseeing, and playing Bid Whist.


Hi! My name is Stephanie Fox and I teach math at Cerro Villa Middle School. I have always loved working with computers. I am excited to learn about coding.
In my free time, I love to read and go hiking.


My name is David Le. I teach math and computers in Orange, California. I’m interested in Computer Science because I am obsessed with using different software and applications. Outside of the classroom, I like taking crossfit classes, playing video games, swimming, biking, and hanging out with my son.


I teach 7th and 8th grade math in the orange unified school district. I want to include computer science in my classes so that the students will see another use of the math which we are learning in class. Outside of teaching I play with my 2 dogs, Dennis and Roe.


Hello, I’m Jeff and I teach math, photo editing, and a coding elective at Talbert Middle School in Huntington Beach, CA. I’m not really an expert (or even a novice, really) when it comes to computer science, but I appreciate that understanding coding can be of huge value to my students and their futures. I love the idea of linking math with coding, and I’m looking forward to seeing more about this program. When not teaching, I’m hanging out with my wife and daughters, listening to or making music, reading, building Legos, playing Clash of Clans, or volunteering at my church.


My name is Elizabeth Howard and I teach Algebra and 8th grade math at Gateway Middle School in Everett, WA. I will be starting my 25th year of teaching this year. All but my first five years of teaching have been at the middle school level in math. Prior to becoming a teacher, I was a Certified Public Accountant. My first “real” job when I was 16 was working at the University of Washington in a data center in which the computers I was working with filled an entire room! I guess I am aging myself!

I want my students to see the relevance in math to their lives and future. At least by the end of the school year most of my Algebra students have matured to the point where they “get this.” I want them to experience that “Ah-Ha” earlier in the year and be engaged in math because they can see the importance and realize the beauty of this universal language.

Outside of school I enjoy brisk walks, kayaking, reading, and playing with my grandkids. The kayaking has been put on hold this summer since I broke my wrist roller skating with my 8th graders two days before school let out. I just hope I get back the full use of my right hand soon!


Hi! My name is Yvonne Huang and I teach at Young Oak Kim Academy in Koreatown, Los Angeles (LAUSD). I teach 8th grade math, Algebra, Geometry, and Computer Networking. Computer science in a growing field where students have great opportunities to discover new heights. Also it’s a empowering industry for more female students to enter and take part in engineering, computer science fields. During my free time, I enjoy photography and cooking.


I teach Algebra 1 and Geometry at Tillicum Middle School in the Bellevue School District in Washington State. I taught for 2 years at the high school level and was a computer programmer for 2 years before having children and becoming a stay at home Mom. I returned to teaching when our youngest child was in the 8th grade; this will be my 10th year back in the classroom.

When I taught at the high school level, I taught one computer science class; I loved it! I took a class during the summer before I became a programmer. Since I have gone back to the classroom, I am always looking for ways to bring technology and real world problem solving into the classroom.

Outside of the classroom I spend time with family, friends, and our golden retriever, Chloe.


Hi, my name is Mr. Woods. I am an elementary school teacher. I currently teach computer technology, however, I have recently received my teaching certification in elementary school math. During my free time I enjoy riding my motorcycle.


I teach the technology classes at Grady Middle School (all three grade levels).

I believe that computer science is one of the fastest growing fields that we need to prepare our kids for.

When I am not in the classroom, I love to read, work in the yard, and bake/decorate cakes.


I teach Texas History at The Rice School . I’m interested in Computer Science because I work at a STEM school and i want to know how I can assist our math and science departments in tutorials and class extensions. Outside of the classroom i enjoy sports, because I am a coach, and I enjoy being outdoors. I currently own 3 horses which are looking for a new home so let me know if you’re interested!!!


My name is Eu Hyun (Choi) Tang - you can call me “yoo”. I teach at Volta Elementary School in Albany Park, 7th grade math. I’ve always been interested in technology, and since being part of MSU Urban STEM program, I’m going to integrate the learning from both programs to transform my teaching. I’m a huge foodie, enjoy walking, and love to travel.
I’m looking forward to many of you on August 3-4. For those that I’ve missed in July, I hope to see you around!