- Computer Science in Algebra PD: Teacher Introduction


My name is Nick Safin and I work at Grady Middle School. I teach Concepts of Engineering and PE.


I teach 7th grade Math at Dixon Elementary School on the south side of Chicago. I love teaching Math and I want my students to understand the connection between Math and Computer Science. Outside of the classroom, I spend my time with my children.


I am intrigued as well. I look forward to learning along with my students.


I am a foodie too. Maybe we can grab lunch together in August! :hamburger:


This will change everything!


Hi, I teach special education (learning resource) math to 6-8th graders in Tacoma, Washington.

I am interested in computer science because it has become an important part of educating the “whole” child and getting them hooked into the lesson and math material.

I enjoy spending time with my husband and 6 year old attending Seattle Mariner games and other outdoor activities when the weather permits.


Nick, Where is your school located?


Hello, my name is Stefanie Fordyce Alvanos and I am a teacher at Cerro Villa Middle School in Orange Unified School District. I teach math (Math 8 and Honors Algebra 1 this coming year).

I am interested in computer science because knowledge of computers and technology is vital for students to succeed in the job market.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, photobooking, and party planning.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Phallin Chhe (Pauline) and I teach middle school math, grades 7 and 8. I am interested in Computer Science because I know how important it is for our society. Also I know that we have a huge need for intelligent computer science professionals currently, and will need more in the future. I figure, why not start planting the seeds early into the young minds of our students and let them know what’s out there waiting for them in the world of computer science. Outside of the classroom I enjoy spending time with my family. We enjoy camping, snowboarding, movies, bowling, and just good old fashion fun!


Hi everyone,

My name is Andrea Little. I teach fifth and sixth grade math and science at Poe Classical. I am excited about teaching Computer Science in Algebra. Technology is here to stay so exposing students to CS is critical. This is also be an excellent opportunity for students to get excited about math and all of its wonder. Outside of the classroom I enjoy being a baseball mom and shopping.


I am Norm Schille, and I am in my 25th year of teaching. I have taught grades K-8, but I have most enjoyed teaching math to middle school grades. I enjoyed using Logo many years ago, and I had a small amount of programming language in college a lifetime ago.

I enjoy sailing, building, teaching, read, and learning anything.

I currently teach grade 8 Math and Geometry in Everett, Wa.

Norm :smile:


I am an 8th grade Math teacher in Charles County. I am interested in computer science because I always like learning about new technology. And outside of the classroom I like to cook and workout.


I teach 7th grade math at The Rice School. I am interested in Computer Science because I think it is the future of education and jobs… I like to build things outside of the classroom. I think I might have posted this in the wrong spot. I should have gotten info about this prerequisite before the class started, I’m pretty upset that I didn’t.


My name is Marie Lawrence. I teach Middle School Technology Applications and Research in Houston, Texas. I have previously incorporated technology to teach Math concepts in Middle School. I consider technology skills and knowledge vital to student academic advancement and employment opportunities. I enjoy reading, history, animals, and researching.


My name is Debbie Spencer. I teach 8th grade math in Indian Head, MD at Smallwood Middle School. I’m interested in computer science because I feel that is an area that all of my students are excited about. I led our tech club last school year and have done several trainings for our school since we began piloting a BYOD program. Outside of school I stay very busy with my 4 children (14, 12, and 10yo twins) and their multitude of activities. I also enjoy stamping and card making, live music (my husband’s band), and reading.


Hi! My name is Jessica Lutthans and I have been teaching at Gateway Middle School in Everett, Washington, for 18 years now. Next year, I will be teaching 7/8 Compacted Math, Geometry, and some unknown third prep, but I have taught all the math levels at middle school, so I won’t be TOO surprised. I took two computer programming classes w-a-a-a-y back as part of my undergraduate work, but it has been quite a while and technology has changed a lot in the interim. I’m looking forward to working on a better integration of all the STEM topics so students don’t see math in isolation but as a useful language or tool for computers or robotics or science. For fun, I like reading, baking, and spending time with family.


Hi all. I’m Gretchen Voskuhl. I teach 6-8 math at Columbia Crest A-STEM School in Ashford, WA, near the main gate of Mt Rainier National Park.

My first computer science experiences were programming in basic on our Apple II+ and then a year of CS in high school many, many moons ago. I loved it but managed to convince myself I needed to study other things.

Looking forward to incorporating into my algebra class!


Hello. My name is Donnell White. I am a middle school math teacher at Oscar DePriest Elementary School which is located on the west side of Chicago in the Austin community. I teach my 8th graders Common Core algebra. I am very interested in this program because I have a son who graduated from Stanford University in compute science and he currently works for Google. I would like to see my students exposed to computer science aspects just as he was at a young age. As a STEAM advocate I believe that this curriculum could be valuable to my students.


Hello my name is Shauna Harris. I am a teacher at North Middle school in Everett, Washington. I have been teaching middle school math for the 7 years. Before that I taught elementary ed. for 10 years. I am looking forward to integrating and better understanding the world of coding for myself and for the students that I teach.


This year I will be teaching 8th grade Algebra, 8th grade math, 7th grade math, and an 8th grade ELA at Haines. This will be my 9th year of teaching (YIKES, time flies). I’m interested in computer science because I wish I had the opportunity to study the subject when I was in elementary school. I didn’t take my first CS class until college and I was pretty much blown away because I didn’t have the background. I also believe that in order to be successful, my students will have to know how to code and I want to prepare them the in the best way possible for their future. Outside the classroom, I like to run and bike.