CSP NOT approved by OK Regents for Higher Ed

I was recently informed by my OK CareerTech rep that’s CS Principles course does NOT count towards a computer education high school graduation credit because it is NOT approved by the Oklahoma Regents of Higher Education to do so.

The Regents have approved the PLTW (Project Lead the Way) course which costs $2,000 and has a ton of professional development training hours to get certified.

Aren’t they essentially the same course, teaching the same subject matter?

Flummoxed Okie -

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Hello @kkaya. I can’t speak to the state of legislation / credit etc. in Oklahoma. Both courses are designed around the Course and Exam Description published by the College Board and both curricula are endorsed by the College Board. We have different approaches of course, but on a high level yes, the courses are teaching the same subject matter. This may not help with your problem with the Regents (again not my area of expertise) but hopefully that helps you understand the current situation. If you reach out to our regional partner in Oklahoma, The Div, through this form you may be able to learn more.

Hope that helps!

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