Code Print Tool question about more than one oval


In some of the AP examples, they show students using more than one oval. One is for a main algorithm that integrates 2 other algorithms into it. They are putting an oval around the “parent” algorithm and an oval around the 2 “child” algorithms. In the Code Print Tool, it only allows one oval to be drawn in one location. Is there any way around this?



I don’t believe there is a way with the Code Print Tool. I’ll forward this on, but one way would be to reorganize the code so everything you want in the oval is all together. That’s what I had my students do last year. The other choice is to copy the code and then paste it into a program like Word that allows you to place multiple ovals,


Yeah, right now you can’t do more than one oval. When I made CodePrint I was trying to keep it simple…simple for me to program :slight_smile:

…[1 hour later] okay fine. I updated CodePrint so you can now draw up to 3 rects and 3 ovals. Let me know if this is a good change.



That is awesome. Thank you so much. So many of my students are using Google Docs and Google Docs does not have a good feature for ovals and rectangles like Word does. Thank you very much.


Looks great @baker - Thanks for the incredibly quick turn around!


@baker Thanks for the update. My students will appreciate this.