Rectangle and ovals around code

Any suggestions of the best tools to use for putting rectangles and ovals around portions of code? We were using a couple google apps to cut and paste code into slides and put the shapes around sections then copy back into docs to make our written response .pdfs. But several students ran into issues that when copied to docs the shapes did not show up. I am sure it is a silly error that either I or they are making but welcome any suggestions to avoid the panic later.

In the survival guide there is a link to Baker Franke’s CodePrint tool ( It’s a great took built just to do this. He modified it recently so you can draw up to 3 Ovals and 3 Rectangles in the code. It also formats the code nicely. Word is another choice. It’s good for adding the shapes. I recommend that after you paste the code in word, you change the font to _Courier New_or another fixed width font. That will make the code easier to read.