Code Print Tool


The Code Print Tool is very easy to use. The only issue we’re having is some of the students are having trouble with the oval for 2C. For example, one student has a long line of code that even when they separate it down into new lines, the oval doesn’t encompass it all.

Is it safe to assume that if the reader has a question about what all is supposed to be included in the oval they will refer to the .pdf of the entire code?


Hi @margaret.birch,

The only direct possible solution I can think of is to shrink the font size using the slider.

A couple other things to consider:

  • Not all the text has to be literally inside the oval. The oval is used to help guide the reader, but if some text that starts in the oval spills out of it, the reader will use his/her common sense. We just want to avoid students circling too much stuff out of “better safe than sorry”.
    For example, when trying to circle the function below, this is likely fine:

    No need to full envelop like this:
  • Your wording seems to imply the student is putting an oval in the code in the written response. To clarify, the oval/rectangle go in the document with the entire program code ONLY. In the written response, you indicate the section of code you’re referring to simply by copying/pasting the code in there. I’ll see if I can get one of last year’s Create readers to verify, but my guess is the reader looks mostly at the video and written response, and if they need to verify something by looking at the program code, the circle/rectangle just helps them find where those sections are.



Last year, when in doubt, readers were asked to look at the code file. As mentioned by @frank_w_lee, the oval and rectangle help the reader find the code that is referred to in the responses.


Thanks, @bhatnagars for chiming in with your experience being a Create reader last year!


This is really helpful to us. Thank you.

One reason for the confusion is in the Create Survival Guide it states: 2c. Capture and paste a program code segment that implements an algorithm (marked with an oval in section 3 below) and that is fundamental for your program to achieve its intended purpose

I hope that if some of my students placed a circle/rectangle in the written answers, the readers will be okay with that.

Again, thank you for your fast response and support.



Yes, I was actually happier having the code right there next to the answers. Saved me a few clicks and some reading time :slight_smile:


Yeah, some of my students interpreted it the same way. I interpret it more as “Capture and paste a program code segment that implements an algorithm (the same segment marked with an oval in section 3 below)…”