College Board Policy on Students with IEPs


Hello World,

I’ll start by admitting that I’ve done very little independent research on this before posting this question here in the hopes that someone else already has the links to this information handy and has looked into this a bit before I have.

Where can I find the College Board’s policy on students with IEP’s - both generally (as I imagine it applies to the multiple choice test), but I’m also curious of the College Board has released anything specifically about the AP Explore & Create performance tasks. For example, purely hypothetically, if I have a student with a writing specific learning disability, does the College Board offer any guidance on how accomodations for this student to complete the Explore performance task? Or guidance on what is or is not appropriate for me, as the teacher, to assist with?

Thanks in advance for any insights


By Googling “college board policy on students with IEPs”, I found these two pages:

Because the PTs are considered part of the exam, I imagine any rules that apply to those would be the same rules that apply to the “regular” exams.

I did a quick search on the topic in the College Board community forums and a Facebook group and this forum and turned up nothing helpful, so my guess is this is relatively uncharted territory.


Hey @frank_w_lee - thanks for the links. In retrospect, I regret that my post basically boiled down to “can someone else google this for me”, which wasn’t my intent. I was really hoping someone knew of some Performance Task specific guidance, but it doesn’t seem like the College Board distinguishes between the explore tasks and their general accommodation guidelines.

I did find out that since my school offers SAT & ACT testing, there was already a person in our SPED department who was very familiar with the process for requesting accommodations from the College Board related to those tests, so I’ve started working with them to figure out the process for organizing accommodations from the College Board. That’s been super helpful.


Glad you were able to get some answers! And thanks for reporting back, as I’m sure what you found out about using campus resources will also be helpful to others who are in your shoes.


@dschneider If the chain of command at your school is the same as mine, then you need to address your concerns to your campus AP coordinator (APC). It appears you have done exactly that. Any student or parent concerns may be addressed directly or indirectly to the APC.


Not sure if you still need this, but apparently there’s a deadline to submit requests by Feb 23.