Copyright Infringement

I have a student that is wanting to do a Star Wars themed program for their Create PT. I cannot find any copyright guidelines on College Board’s website. My student does not want to receive a 0 on his performance task for something silly like copyright infringement. He was wondering if he cited or acknowledged the fact that some of his graphics were not original if he would be in the clear.

I know if they use any images that are not designed by them, they have to cite them. You can possibly tell him to do something in homage of Star Wars, but is not directly linked to Star Wars. Just be sure to tell him to cite his sources for everything he uses that is not created by him.

Will it fall under Fair Use?

What @kimberly_l_gustin suggested is a great way to play it safe. I don’t know anything about the legal aspect of this, but your best source is probably the College Board’s CSP community forum.

More than likely not with this case, especially if he uses things that are star wars, like pictures and other items that is obtained off of google. Because Disney owns the rights to this, and I used to work for Disney, they are very particular about these things. So to avoid any question at all, better to cite everything they use. And even better yet, create something themselves.

Many of my students used copyrighted material last year in their apps and they cited their work in the comments of their code or they made a “credits screen” at the end of their app. My students did well and no one got flagged for infringement.

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