Course C, Lesson 7

I’m teaching Course C to 2nd graders but Lesson 7 is too hard for them to grasp so I thought maybe I should’ve taught them Course B instead, any advice? kids are 7 years

Hi @paradise_r_g! Are you referencing this lesson: ?

Before switching to course B, I recommending either revisiting lesson 6, or adding in an additional unplugged lesson.

How have the students done prior to that lesson? Lesson 6 is also on sequencing. They might do well with more time in that lesson? You can also look at adding in more unplugged lessons on sequencing. You can see a full list of unplugged lessons here:



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Thanks for the quick reply, also the links provided were very helpful.

Yes this is the lesson I’m referring to, they did well with sequencing but in this lesson they will not understand what angles and pixels mean.

Sorry for the delay! You can share this video with them before they start the lesson if you want them to have some context: