Create PT User Interface

One of my students would like to use PowerShell to write his program. I am really not familiar with PowerShell so I want to be sure this is acceptable since there really isn’t a user interface like we are used to in App Lab. Here is a video of how the program runs in PowerShell (this is NOT his Create PT, he just sent me the video to show how a program runs).

Would something like this be acceptable for the video component of the Create PT? I really appreciate any advice because he seems to be really set on using this for some reason.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @mckiernk,

The scoring guidelines for the Create PT state that the video should demonstrate

the running of the program including:

  • input
  • output
  • program functionality.

It appears that this video meets that guideline; however, the student’s username is shown in some of the lines. Although I can’t find the specific reference in the CED, I believe they are told to make their submission anonymous.

I’m not sure exactly what the objective of the program demonstrated here is, or if there’s more code to it than what is shown in the video, so I don’t feel comfortable saying for sure whether this program itself would count overall. (I’m also unfamiliar with PowerShell.)

Michael K.

I don’t know powershell, so take this for what it is.

There definitely is an INPUT and OUTPUT for this program, so they are fine there. Remember the other 3 requirements:

A list used in your program
A function that uses that list and takes a parameter
An IF/ELSE statement within that function.

From above, there does not look like there is a function that includes all the above requirements. Here is the word of caution, Do not try to out smart the reader. The vast majority are just regular teachers with experience in the big 3 (Python, Scratch, Javascript). Once you get outside of that, it becomes real easy to lose points by mistake. The point of the create task isn’t to wow the reader with code, but demonstrate the above requirements. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

I hope this helps!


this helps very much! thank you.

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thanks so much! this is very helpful.

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