CS Fundamentals and CS Disco overlap?

I am looking at configurations of my middle school semester and full year CS courses. I just recently completed the CS Disco TeacherCon in Phoenix and I am wondering if I choose to do some or all of the CS Fundamentals Express with my semester classes, will that content have overlap with my CS Disco, which I would like to teach to the full year students. Can anyone help with this? Thanks!

IMO, the curriculum seems like it overlaps, but CODE has done a super job at really creating PRACTICE. Just like NGSS, the CODE CS curriculum seems to repeat and build these same concepts over and over in different ways, introducing key, complex skills and terms as it increases vertically. The horizontal alignment is remarkable in the sense that you feel like your overlapping and repeating but truly it is PRACTICE because it is being done in a slightly different way. This is why I’m trying in our district to really get ALL teachers/admin to buy in and own a piece of it so we can have students truly growing along side the curriculum k-12.