CSP Forum Introductions


Have you gone to training for the PLTW CSP curriculum? I have done both PLTW and code.org.


Hi I am Karen MacDonald:
I teach science, Exploring Computer Science and AP Computer Science Principles at OnTrack Academy in Spokane, WA. This will be my 31st year of teaching. 10 more to go!!!


Hi, my name is Dillon Clark. I recently attended TeacherCon in Chicago.


Hi, my name is Sandra O’Brien-Duke. I teach in Charlotte, NC.


Hi! My name is Emily Eastlake Hyde and I’m a second-year teacher in New York City. I have a Master’s degree in math education but am teaching computer science and economics this year, both for the first time!

When I’m not teaching, I also work as an outdoor guide and like to run, swim, travel, bake and watch Netflix.


Teaching Experience:
13 years CTE teacher (2 years Grover C. Fields Middle School, New Bern NC and 11 years at Everett H.S in Everett, WA)
Hobbies and Interests:
I love spending time at the barn; riding my horse is my “happy hour”! When I’m not at the barn, I love hiking in the pacific northwest and yoga.
Experience with CSP:
I’m new! This is my first year teaching CSP.


My name is Bryan Webb. I teach at Bremerton High School. This is my first year teaching CSP. I have taught ECS and Computer Programming. I advise DECA and coach Boys and Girls Tennis.


Hello, my name is Christiann Thomas. I teach Business and Technology at Fife High School in WA. This is my first year teaching CSP. I love spending time with my family at our cabin in Alaska. We enjoy fishing and beachcombing. We are also Seahawk and Sounder fans! Go Hawks!


Hi Terry! I am currently teaching Exploring Computer Science (ECS) in Yakima, WA, but I am interested in finding out what WA state course codes are being used to teach AP Computer Science. I did not find a current course listed on OSPI for AP Computer Science. Can you shed any light for me?


Currently teaching the AP CSP class at Temecula Preparatory School in Winchester California. There’s also a new Inland Empire Code Consortium who is the PLP with Code.org here. Any other CS Teachers from the nearby Riverside or Inland Empire area ?



Hello. My name is Nick Spano I am a certified Business and Technology teacher (15 years) at Lakeview High School in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. I came to the CS party late but realize how important it is for our students to be literate! I am in my second year of teaching CSP. I teach it as a one semester block (80 minutes) non-AP course. My students are a mix of high-flyers and strugglers. Every day a new adventure :grin:


Sheldon Bishov, teaching CSP and CS A at Marlborough (MA) High School. Also taught intro CS and intro to IT last year. Had previous career working in mainly database and network development and also middle and elementary school teaching. Could not travel to the PD this summer but interested in seeing how much of this curriculum I can use for the coming school year.


My name is Ellen Satter. I was a programmer for 30ish years, and now I am teaching math and computer science at a STEM magnet high school in Bridgeport. I’ve taught a home grown intro programming course using Java to 10th graders for 3 years now, and we are replacing it with AP CSP. I’m currently attending AP SI training and have chosen the code.org curriculum.

We have 80- minute blocks in a semester schedule so I am worried about pacing for S2 (to finish the PTs by the end of April and the curriculum by early May), and getting adequate review time with my S1 students before the exam (I will have to swap classes with a teacher who will hopefully have the half of the sophomore class in S2 that I had in S1, if that makes sense!)


Hi, I am Ruth Haynes from Oklahoma City Public Schools. I am Career & Technical Education teacher for 9-12 graders. I became a teacher in August 2014. Prior to teaching, I was a software design specialist for the State of Oklahoma, and then a Software Test Engineer for Lockheed Martin. I was asked to teach AP CSP in 2017-18, and it has been a whirlwind of training and studying.


I am Randle Moore from San Antonio. I’ve been teaching High School Computer Science since 2006-2007 school year. Before that I taught middle school technology applications, and elementary school before that. I am excited to be associated with Code.org.


Hello! I’m Eric Howe and I teach at Stargate School, a charter school for gifted students in suburban Denver, Colorado. I started teaching 20 years ago as a Social Studies teacher but eventually transitioned to teaching Tech.

What classes do I teach? Currently: Robotics, HTML, Minecraft Academy, Programming, and of course APCSP.

I’m also passionate about Knowledge Bowl (i.e. Quiz Bowl) and the middle school equivalant, Brain Bowl!


Hi, all!

My last prep was STEM @ Grenada High School in Grenada, Mississippi where I taught 1/3 of every freshman class for 9 years. I excited to get into AP CSP.

I am a extreme-amateur photographer. I aim to collect my own desktop images, so I always see one of my memories on my desktop rather than random images. My profile photo is of a balloon flower, a perennial that I have moved across 3 cities and 2 states over the past 16 years.