Current Events in CSP

@kaitie_o_bryan in another thread you mentioned having students work throughout the year with current events…“Bits Stories” as Blown to Bits puts it. I’m interested in doing that also and I’m wondering if you have thought out any sort of protocol or plan?


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@cmeeks I get the ACM TechNews 3x a week. I wanted students to subscribe to it too but apparently only members can subscribe… It didn’t really make sense to me, but I am going to forward them one of the e-mails each week. They will have to write one blog post per quarter for class that references an article they read (either from the emails I send, or from other news they hear about). Their responses must include the following (written for students):

  1. Summarize the article you read - make sure you cite it appropriately and include a link
  2. Describe the impact that the technology you read about has on society - Include one positive impact and one negative
  3. Relate it to your own life - what’s your opinion on this?
  4. This blog should be written in complete sentences, with proper grammar, and be appropriate to the class audience.

I am using a google site for this. Someone on Twitter suggested that format since then students can add a new “announcement” to an announcement page and it shows them as the author. It is not the sexiest of websites, but it gets the job done. Next year I will probably upgrade to a different platform. Do you have any favorite multi-author blog platforms?

Also, another CS teacher in MPLS shared this CS research guide. I thought it was really well done and loved the different “view points”.

CSPResearch.docx (305.1 KB)

I think students could think about impact from these viewpoints as well. Here are the viewpoints:


I have students look for articles at the website, It’s a compilation of stories from different sources about technology and the future.


Adam, I haven’t seen this site, so thanks for sharing! It’s a great resource as students begin their Explore Performance Task.

Has anyone found a good resource for a CSP level understanding of the Russians and the election?