Dealing with below grade level readers and prediction levels

There are many challenges that come in the way for students at a below grade level reading capability. Some of the ideas we had to help surpass those deficiencies are mainly giving more guidance to those students. For prediction levels, giving those students multiple choices rather than leaving it as an open-ended question could benefit them.
Another great resource for them is posted below gives them strategy and direction in their projects.

Two other tidbits would be paired-programming (although you would have to make sure they are putting in their necessary work with their partner and offering visuals rather than text to help them along the way.


Using measurements to identify their lexile level you can then find related resources or articles that are written for their lexile level.

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Use reading teacher resources like close reading, sheets broken down with an outline and tiered to students needs.

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On the studio levels, the student can have the text read to them by clicking on the play button in the top right corner.

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Another nice resource is the Read&Write extension in Google Chrome. It will highlight the text as it reads for the student and they can use it on other sites.