Unit 1 - Articles (Scale Down)

Does anyone have articles that are similar in unit 1 for the project, that are easier to read for students at a lower reading level than grade level? I have a few students in my CSP course that are below reading level for these articles, but I want them to get the same gist and do a project over it.

Hi @katy.fleming,

I agree that leveled reading is a really important differentiation technique to help all students engage with the content. I do not personally have leveled articles, but I hope someone has some to share with you! In the meantime I might try one (or both) of the following:

  1. Leverage all one of the NLP Generative AI tools out there by feeding in the text and asking for it to create a version that is at 3 different reading levels (perhaps giving a grade band). (Or, if your school supports student use of gen AI, show the students how to do this step.)

  2. Instead of using the provided guides for marking up an article, create an intentional note catcher to go with the articles. I usually find inspiration by googling “differentiated article worksheet” or “Article synthesis notecatcher”.

If you end up coming up with a set, I’m sure people on this forum would appreciate using them in the future.