Game Lab Cloud Features

Hello, my name is Jack and I am working on a really advanced pong game with special moves, characters, etc. I would love if there was any way for PvE of PvP. I know the short answer is that there is no cloud features, but I found setKeyValue and getKeyValue, and realized that maybe this could potentially work after all. If anyone could explain to me how those two commands would work that would be great.

@jackalexanderlegg ,

Good afternoon. I am not aware of any documentation on these “undocumented” features. I know there are some advanced users who have made use of these and other features in the past, so you may get a response, but these aren’t supported features, so your mileage may vary.


I do agree with @mwood, I never use cloud features ever (because I just make games), I recommend you talk to someone like @varrience or [WUT] Adam.