Helping students with concussions

I have a football player that has been concussed and he can’t look at the screen for too long.

We have tried dimming the screen, using a much bigger screen so the lab is easier to see/read.

If there is a way to print those for him, I don’t know what they are - he could write down the code for me.

Has anyone ever dealt with this before and have any ideas?

We are in Unit 4 right now - starting Lesson 4 - Variables Make tomorrow.

I have not been in this situation. But, what I may have done if I had a student like this, is to make a worksheet out of the apps and code studio levels and provide all of the code or pictures needed. I would also provide a reference sheet with all of the Code Studio commands and have the student hand write the code. This is a tough situation and may require a lot of work.

Ya, I think this is what I am leaning to - but, sadly - I’ve already put in lots of time on other alternative lessons that still have not been completed by the student. I think I am going to start with some screen shots and see how he tolerates them on paper and just identifying some lines of code before I go through the work of doing something else.
It’s frustrating for all involved. He just wants to feel better and we want him better too - and we just want him to be able to do some work in class. *sigh