How do you assign Activity Guides?

The activity guides, particularly for the simulators, tend to have a lot of information in them and the instructions are sometimes vague and unclear to the kiddos. I don’t tend to have them review the entire document because of limited class time. Thinking of maybe assigning it ahead of class so they could have some familiarity with it.

Just curious how others are dealing with this. Do you throw them in the water so-to-speak and let them figure the activity out themselves, provide your digested set of instructions, assign it in advance, something else?

Hi @james.huval,

Can you give an example of one such activity guide? I believe most of them have lessons built around them (accessible from ) that offer a good amount of context.


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I make a copy of all Activity Guides and use my LMS to either present ahead of time for the lesson or at the time of the lesson. If I only want them to see part of the activity guide I make an additional copy of it and delete what I don’t want them to see ahead of time. Make sense?

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@jason.whiting yes, that makes sense. I haven’t tried sending any activities in advance, but I may depending on how much time I think it will take in class.

@frank_w_lee that curriculum page is the missing link I think. I recall seeing that some time ago but have been relying on just the teacher materials in the lesson pages. Thanks very much for the assist!