Is there a way for teachers to share starter code in the console sandox to their students?


In CSA, is there a way I can share code to the students in the console sandbox? I have multiple files for them to use as a starter set of code. I want them to be able to easily copy the files over. Currently they have to do a copy all and then paste into a file of the same name as my file. But since there are 6 files this is somewhat cumbersome.

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Hi Jim,
I just clicked around and there is a way to do what you want with a bit of a hack:

  • Click the share button at the top of the level where you have the files created and then click on the purple “copy link to project” button.
  • Share that link with your students along with the next set of instructions:
  • Upon opening the link, the project will be in view only mode, without the remix button or share buttons available.
  • click into the url and type /edit at the end of the address that is there and press enter.

Students should then be able to work on this code and click share and copy the link using the purple button to turn in their work.
I hope this helps with what you are looking to do!


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