Sharing Code on Java Lab

Is there a way for students to share code? For the CSP course we have the share option at the top but I do not have this option in java lab? I have found most success in assigning an activity from the “practice” stage to a small group and having them complete as a group. It would be nice for code sharing so that they can all have access to the code in case they need to reference the activity down the road.

Hi @yesicatrujillo, thank you for posting this question to the forum. I know that this is a very helpful feature and unfortunately it has not been added to the CSA curriculum yet. You can definitely request it here on the submit a request link. I will also request this feature and hopefully if we get enough traction it will be moved up on the development teams priority list. This has definitely been brought up and you can see that thread here.

Hey! Just following up with this post. This is what I received from when I requested the share feature:
At this time it is not currently possible to share any projects which make use of the Neighborhood. The Neighborhood is not supported as a standalone project, which happens when a level is shared or remixed. Only console and Theater levels can be shared or remixed.

That being said, we sincerely appreciate the feedback, and will bring it forward to the teams that work on these initiatives.

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