Links for CSA projects

Is there a way for a student to share a link of their project. When I tried to share a link of the Asphalt projects, the code would not run because of a level type mismatch.

Hi Mr. Lewin,
I see the error you are describing, that when I click share I get a Level type mismatch exception too. I am going to look into this to see if there is a way to share the code that could be run by another user using the share or remix button.
One idea that could allow you to showcase student work in the meantime is to create a shared document and have students take screen shots of their final product and paste the images into the shared doc. I do this and then print it out in color and hang it outside of my room, and students really like seeing their work on display!


Hi, I got some info on the share button on Neighborhood levels.
As of right now, there is just no good way to share a Neighborhood level. The share button is actually going to be disabled for those levels in the 23/24 version of the course. To check in on students’ progress on levels with the Neighborhood, check the blue teacher panel on the right side of the page, and you can click into a specific student’s work.
I know this probably isn’t the answer you were hoping for, if this is a feature you would like you can email with a request. Requests for features on the platform are prioritized and worked on by the engineering team.