Remix Button Removed?

Was this removed? I cannot find it in either CSP or CS A. It was very helpful when looking at a students code to mess around with it before I answered any questions (so I don’t give them wrong advice). I hope it is just in a new location.

Greetings @Mr.Rhodes,
I am unsure of what they did with what your talking about but… you should still be able to remix it without needing such a button with any project just use

{project link}/remix to get the same effect of what your looking for

I’d also recommend reaching out to support as well for as to why it isn’t working on your end best of luck and hope this helps

Best: Varrience

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Button is missing from both my CS A and CSP lab. I think I’ll send support an email!

I am finding a remix button is still there for my CS Principles students, but not for my CSA students! One thing I tried to possibly fix it was to go into my dashboard and manage students, and enable sharing for each class, but that did not fix the missing remix button for CSA. I agree with Varrience, that sending an email to is a good next step so that they can help if it is a technical issue, or know that this is a feature we would like back if it has been intentionally removed.


Thanks, no luck. BUT I did figure out that the code review enable button needs to be done via managing the class then editing it, they really hid that this year. I emailed support, I’ll let you know what I hear. I appreciate everyone’s feedback!

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To follow up with this, I heard from and saw in the changelog for this year’s curriculum"

The Share/Remix button is disabled on Neighborhood levels. The Neighborhood is not supported as a standalone project, which happens when a level is shared or remixed. Only console and Theater levels can be shared or remixed.
It should still be available for other levels on CSA, and Principles. If you are not seeing this, please email with info about specific levels, and possibly screenshots too.



Thanks, I just got the same email from For future reference:

Thank you for contacting!

To clarify here, remixing is currently disabled for on any Neighborhood levels. This is because remixing a level turns it into a standalone Java Lab level, and Neighborhood levels will not run in standalone mode. All other level types can still be remixed.

Please see our CSA changelog here.

Thank you for your feedback regarding this change.

That being said, all coding levels in CSP should still be remixable. If you are not seeing the remix button for levels in the CSP course, please let me know, and if so can you please provide some additional information:

  • The username or email for a student’s account where this is occurring?
  • The email for your teacher account?
  • The URL for a level that is missing the remix button in the CSP course?

If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

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