Learning how to teach Unit 3

I will be required to teach Unit 3 to some students in a class beginning the second semester. There will also be students in the class who will be taught Unit 2. I have no experience with Unit 3. How long will it take me to learn Unit 3? The only time that I have available are the week of Thanksgiving break and the two weeks of Winter break to do this. Thanks for your help.

Hi @bobd,
While Unit 3 is a slightly different animal than Unit 2, both units still utilize the concept of lead learner. Many teachers are teaching Unit 3 for the first time and they are just a lesson or two ahead of the students. As a lead learner, it’s okay to show the students your vulnerability on the subject. I would recommend sticking to the curriculum as it is written for the first run through. If you or the students seem to be moving a little more slowly through it, don’t be afraid to just focus on the first chapter of Unit 3. This will give students a substantial base for JavaScript while giving you a manageable starting point for this go 'round. Best of luck to you. Please continue to utilize the forum to help you out along the way. There are many great resources to make life easier for you.