Life Science Challenge #2


I chose the easy option. I created carrots that were given energy of 4. This allowed for way more rabbits to reproduce very quickly.

  1. I chose the first challenge because it was simple to modify.
  3. No struggle this time.
    $. I’m good.


Chose the easy challenge, I do not teach biology. Added additional rabbits and another grass (Better grass) that allowed the rabbits to move further away from the predator.


Added additional grass giving rabbits more energy which allowed the population to increase at a faster rate.

This would be great to use and change the variables to different kinds of food within a food web of a ecosystem.


This was difficult! I didn’t play with this module during the training, so it took a lot of trial and error!


I added a flower for the rabbits to eat to give them more energy. The flowers grow fine. I still can’t get the rabbits to move again even after checking the code with the original, which in it the rabbits still move. Tired of staring at it to find the problem. Would need to start all over but I don’t want to at this point.


Easy (added trees that give the rabbits 3x more energy)

Didn’t struggle much with this one…getting the hang of it.

Is there anything else you still need help with? far, so good…

Chose easy project. This wasn’t too bad. Was able to produce a plant with twice the amount of nutrients as the other. Reproduction happened much more quickly.


Finally created my own new breed even though I selected the easy task
Wish this was something we did as a group on in smaller steps instead of all at once

Again, I chose the first option to do for this challenge. I created a new herbivore (“bush”) and allowed it to be created faster and with more energy than the grass.

I looked at the coding for my grass to make the bush and adjusted everything from there. I initially forgot to create the breed so I couldn’t create the bush in the world.


I chose the Easy task so that I could have different plants that could provide extra energy.
not much
I liked this tsk.

This was a little easier for me then the first one (things are slowly coming back to me) I created carrots fairly easily, but I had a hard time with changing the energy level


I chose the 2nd challenge. Lions have to have a certain energy level/age before they can reproduce.


I chose the first challenge, because it was a simple modification to a more complex model I had already built.
Only problem was that I lost my buttons, but then I figured out I just needed to stretch my window out wider.


I did challenge 1. I added a carrot. It was the easiest one to do. I am still having difficulty with the fact that every time I add something, the program freezes and I have to stop and start over again.


I chose the first challenge and here is my link!
enter link description here


I chose the first project. Here is the link:

It is getting easier and I had no problems!


Here is the link to my project.

  1. I chose the easy level because I am challenged by it, and yet can still make progress.
  3. My predator was running too fast.
  4. I don’t know how to make my Clock Ticks widget reflect the time better.