Life Science Challenge #2


Life Science-Grass Added

  1. I added a new species called Weed
    3.Adding it in the world in the right spot and deciding how much energy to give it.
  3. No got it

  1. I chose the easy one, because I thought it’d be good practice.


  3. I didn’t really struggle with anything on this one.

  4. Not at this time.


Challenge #1 - the easy one because I am still learning:-)


For Life Science Challenge #2 I completed the medium challenge. I added a trait for time so that the rabbits in my model could not reproduce until after 20 ticks. Here is my project:

At first I forgot where I could find traits. I was looking in the world and the pages for each agent, but then I realized they were added in the widget section. The only thing I am now wondering is if I could program the model so that the reproduction didn’t wait until after the first 20 ticks of time, but for every rabbit that was reproduced, they would also have to wait 20 ticks of time before they could reproduce.

  1. I chose adding the plant. This was an easier, more straightforward challenge for me.
  3. Needed to look at previous code to help me with adding a new plant and interactions.
  4. Nothing needed at this time.

  1. I created carrots which gave rabbits 5 times more energy than grass.
  3. This challenge was actually not that difficult.

  1. I chose easy.
  3. It took me some time to remember how to set up the collision between rabbit and plant.
  4. I don’t need help with anything else.

  1. I chose the easy challenge as I am still practicing.
  3. I had trouble setting and naming a new procedure, but I think its my computer. It keeps freezing.
  4. I am not sure the rabbits are eating my clovers because my computer (or the program) keeps freezing and reloading. Frustrating!

  1. I chose this challenge to see the effect of different plants on the herbivores.
  3. No problems on this one.

  1. I chose the easiest challenge again.
  3. I kept getting an open socket block and struggled with this for at least 30 minutes. Wow… I forgot how frustrating computer coding is when you don’t have any support.
  4. I would love to have personal contacts of teachers in my district so that I can talk to them about some of these issues I am having.


I completed the easy challenge. I added a new breed of supergrass that gives the rabbit twice the amount of energy than the regular grass.
It was a straight forward challenge.



I chose to complete the Easy one as it would take less time to complete. Time is of the essence right now.

I did not have any trouble with coding this section of the program.


I chose the easy challenge question. Why? The issues I had with the last one. Also, I did this challenge as part of my instruction with my students. URL

No struggles or challenges here.


I think I got this one right the first time! Hooray! I’m so glad I didn’t give up after Life Science Challenge #1. (this is why I chose the easy challenge) I was able to create a more potent grass that in turn created a bunny population explosion.


Which challenge question did you chose, and why? I chose question number one, to create plants that have either more or less energy because this question was more at my skill lever as a beginner.
URL for public link.
What did you struggle with most? I struggled with making the rabbits get bigger or smaller when they ate the high and low energy grasses and creating the reproduction procedures.
Is there anything else you still need help with? I think I still need help getting some of my procedures to execute.


I did challenge 1, where breeds need to reach a maturity age before reproducing. I did this to give in preparation of having my students add more conditions to their models, to better represent realistic science. I struggled with knowing if the conditions worked correctly, because reproduction can only follow a collision, when the breeds get more energy. To better check, I could increase the collisions and maturity age, see if the reproduction still waits until maturity, and then return those conditions to their original settings. I could use help from the SLNova blogs, to see how other teachers and students handle checking results.


I selected the easy challenge for the second time. I needed more practice with minimal frustration. Here is my link I think this would be a good model for invasive plant species for my students.The procedure seems to be the most difficult.


I chose the easy challenge.
I struggled with making sure the carrots showed up for the rabbits to find. Once I figured that out, the rest was pretty easy.