Loading Challenges taking too long

I have a parent that is unable to get to the challenges. They state that they are getting an infinity wheel and nothing loads. I wanted to know if some settings on the browser could affect the challenges from loading. Parents are able to load other programs that the student has to use for school, but CODE.org is the only one that does not work.

I’ve already tried logging in to my students account from my laptop and it worked fine. I’m quite confused and I would appreciate anyone’s help.

Could be browser cache or any other number of things … If I were making suggestions, I would see if they could try a different browser on the same computer or a different computer first or maybe even an incognito window in the same browser. They could also try deleting the browser cache. Since you can get it, it’s most likely something browser or computer based, but could possibly be also related to a content filter if the parents use parent controls on the computer … although code.org probably isn’t blocked on most filters …

good luck!