Make up work for absent studens

What is the best way to have students make up work when they are absent? Especially when it is group work or activities done during class.

Hi @andersonk,

Welcome to the forum! It is definitely frustrating when students miss class. I also think every teacher and even every school has different philosophies on how to handle missing work. Here are some ideas I have and that I use but it doesn’t mean that they would work for everybody:

  • I might excuse the work if it isn’t necessary for them to move forward in the curriculum. For example, the group work in Unit 1 that teaches the Problem Solving Process can be summarized quickly by reviewing the diagram of the Problem Solving Cycle. BUT the work in Unit 2 or 3 builds on itself so they would need to figure out how to complete those activities. I give them extra time to complete as homework once they are back in school or during a homeroom period if that is possible.
  • I will often give a grade for the practice lessons if they can show me on a more summative unit that they learned the skill. For example, in Unit 2 HTML, if they missed some of Unit 3 (Headings and Lists) but are able to show in Unit 4 (mini-project) that they can implement a heading and list, I will give grades for the missing work OR excuse the missing work.
  • It is difficult if not impossible to make-up group work. If they need to learn the content to move on, I will adjust the assignment so that works to be completed on their own.

These are my initial thoughts. I hope others will also respond with their ideas.

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