Maps in app lab?

Is it possible for students to embed a map (eg. google maps/apple maps) onto a screen when designing in App Lab?
I have students who would like to be able to type in a location in a search bar and then go to a screen with the map of that location on it.

I’m not 100% on either of these ideas, but I would first try to identify embed code for the HTML. If that’s not feasible, then maybe include a link to a blank target so it opens in a new page. Hope this helps. Anyone else have ideas?

Hi @kpaddock,

Are they trying to link to a place within Google Maps, or download 4-5 different locations that they choose from a dropdown? The question I’d ask them is, what input is the user giving to their app and how are they coding it to give output? Taking the string “New York” and knowing that means a very specific lat/long on a map is much different from coding, “if the user selects the third option, show the picture of the Statue of Liberty”. I don’t believe it’s possible to link to all of Google Maps from App Lab, but I’ll be happy to be proven wrong if someone knows differently.

Hope that helps,
Michael K.

They are trying to link to a place within Google maps. If we cannot embed the map feature is it possible to have students on event click a button and be rerouted to the google maps app/webpage?

Hi Katie,

Here is one way to reroute to google maps:
onEvent(“googlemaps”, “click”, function() {

I put a google map logo image on the screen with the id “googlemaps”
A screen pops up “You are leaving this app…Do you want to open this website?”

Hope this is what they are trying to do,

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