N00b to programming and want to teach a little one

Hello Everyone!

I am new to the programming life and figured I would be able to learn along with my girlfriend’s 11 year old son. He is interested in computer science and while I can navigate and work around a computer fairly well I am a complete n00b to programming. I do have logical reasoning and able to pick these things up quickly due to previous work experience.

Anyways, if anyone has any advice on how to even start that would be amazing. I figure I would first teach him the basics of computers with a light introduction to hardware and how it functions. Any links and advice would be awesome!

Thanks guys and happy teaching!!!

@jadamcuevas I think we probably have many resources that might fit the bill but I’d recommend for an 11 year old that you try out the CS Fundamentals Express Course. I would recommend you try a few lessons there and see how the two of your are liking it. You might also potentially try out some of the lesson in our CS Discoveries course but since that’s designed as a full-year course you might need to pick and choose lessons and activities you think your girlfriend’s son would enjoy.

Hope that helps and happy computing!

You can learn to code together with the kid, by watching together a coding course.

I streamed a few months ago such course… you may want to check it out: