Love the new features of AppLab

  1. Ability to change the font style
  2. Rounding the edges of text boxes/buttons
  3. Using the “OPEN” IU Control Command, allow the user to go pop open an external link.

However, when I tested the OPEN external link feature after sending the code to my phone, the “warning” message from telling the user that this external link is not associated with them, the orange click through button is OFF the screen of my phone and I can’t move on to the external link. I have tried to change the resolution and display setting of my screen but it doesn’t allow to me to see this pop up message with the orange button.

Wondering if the placement of this warning pop up can be centered within the screen so all phones can click through?


Hi @jkeays - I’m sorry this wasn’t responded to earlier. We are aware of the issue, and engineers are working on a fix. Thanks for writing in - you can also send bug reports like this to .

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