Online Java programing IDE with support for multiple files

I’m looking for some help, but it is not with to be honest. I teach a java programing class virtually, and I have a couple of students that have very limited computing resources. Does anybody know of an online resource that will allow java programing and compiling with multiple files. I know of lots that work great for a single file, just not some that will let me use my class files as separate files. Any suggestions?

there are many cloud platforms of which offer Java code execution but most of which i believe you need an account for, such platforms include

Platforms I’d reccomend

1: replit
2: codedamn
of which i’ve had the best interaction with when i needed something quick to make without running it on my machine

Upon further discovery this may match your criteria

you could also try GDB debugger of which I’m not sure what limitations they have but you can make multiple files to be used in a program and even share it as a usable link,


you can always do your own research though I’d encourage you to look for yourself if none of these meet your criteria

Best: Varrience

Cloud9 was my first goto online IDE. It was acquired by Amazon I guess and is located here. supports lots of languages and I believe all of the VS Code extensions and lets you work on local files.

I’ve never used CodeAnywhere professionally, but it looks like it might fit your requirements.