Beyond hosting

If a student wants to take their code a host a real-world accessible site, where can they go?

I’m sure other teachers have places they might recommend. Most places where you can host do have a monthly fee and you usually need to buy your domain name, but if they want an environment where they can practice coding with a full featured text editor that’s a step away from the “training wheels”, one good site I’ve found is

It’s a site where you can write code in a large number of languages (including html) and immediately “run” your code (ie. launch your website) and share that link with anyone you want.

It’s not a true hosting site in the sense that you can create your own domain, but you do get a full featured online code editor and it’s a great place to store your projects.

If they were going to actually create a site for a business or as a hobby, there are probably 50+ hosting companies that can assist with registering a domain name and hosting their code.

Hope this helps a little.